Rating Relationship

At LRA, we evaluate risk. LRA assigns credit ratings – an independent, professional and impartial assessment of the risks associated – to both issuer and issues, and strives to maintain comparability of ratings across sectors and over time. LRA defines itself in a single world – integrity – the core element of its credibility. Rigorous analysis, in-depth knowledge and a holistic approach are at the core of activities undertaken by LRA. These ratings facilitate investors in making prudent investment decisions. However, regardless of the type of rating, it is not a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold a security, in as much as it does not comment on the security’s market price or suitability for a particular investor.

Being Sri Lanka’s Premier Local rating agency, LRA carries the onus of leadership. We are proud of our contribution in introducing the concept of credit ratings. LRA is poised to uphold its heritage and endeavors to play a pivotal role in promoting industry best practices, facilitating market knowledge and development of financial markets in Sri Lanka. LRA value relationship with all the stakeholders.

The emphasis LRA place on interaction has enabled us to communicate effectively and, consequently, to continuously improve upon the quality of our work. We encourage feedback.