LRA Expertise

Lanka Rating Agency (“LRA”) with its technical partner Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (“PACRA”) which has over 25 years of domestic rating experience, which is the first and national credit rating agency of Pakistan and has extensive experience in setting up of rating agencies in other jurisdiction and our strategic partners Hatton National Bank Plc,Commercial Bank Plc,NDB Bank Plc ,Sampath Bank Plc,Capital Alliance Ltd , Econsult Ltd and with a renowned set of private individuals obtained the license to operate a Domestic Credit Rating Agency to develop the long term debt capital market in Sri Lanka,which was the long felt need in Sri Lanka.LRA  in this respect comes with a unique set of expertise to cater to the local market in terms of experienced local & foreign rating committee members which will give the required  expertise to the ratings, independent research teams, experience board members that will guide the company with a diversified shareholding base.LRA will focus on post pandemic development of the capital market, with a diverse range of products ranging from bond rating, infrastructure rating,SME rating, fund rating,etc.

LRA being a dynamic and a learning institution has adopted several measures to cater to the new market conditions such as appointing a new board with new management team, joining up with dynamic rating agencies which will provide the required guidance and technical support, more emphasis on the local market with a diversified product range with the object of being the preferred domestic credit rating agency in Sri Lanka ,and more emphasis on training its valuable staff.